Friday, June 5, 2009

Kelly and Kevin Video Trailer

Kelly and Kevin, where do I start? Kelly met with me back in 2008 and had a very clear vision of what kind of video she wanted for her wedding. We decided to try something a little different than my “normal style” and put together a true keepsake style production with back stories, family interviews, pre-wedding day shoots and other goodies. There is an old saying in this business, “it’s all about the bride” but shooting this wedding in the days leading up to and day of, taught me that it can be all about family. The trailer clip that I am posting is just a tiny glimpse into their amazing day and when all is complete I will post the highlight montage to‘’show off’ all the beautiful imagery and details from the wedding. I have to mention my two good friends, Melissa Robotti Photography and Victor from PartyTime. Melissa was absolutely incredible. The work and effort she put forth that day was truly awesome. Victor did an amazing job of not only as a DJ but also a terrific MC who kept everything flowing just perfect. Both their reputations are deserved and I love working with them. Kelly and Kevin thank you for having me peek into your lives and I hope you enjoy this clip.