Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Wedding Story: Justine!

This week's Wedding Story comes from Justine Tobin. Now living in Georgia, she had her big day at a beautiful state park in Bristol, Rhode Island. Justine keeps a blog, titled Tobin Inc*; On it you can see more wedding photos as well as the artwork she creates. With that, here's Justine...

When did you get married?
June 7, 2009

Where was your ceremony? Reception?
Ceremony: Colt State Park Bristol, RI; Reception: McGovern's on the Water Fall River, MA

sand cemerony
What was your favorite aspect of your wedding?
Besides family and friends…I would have to say the butterfly release*

Butterflies were in Justine’s theme of her whole day including in her bouquet and on her programs.
2010.09.01 JustineTobin (3)

What was the best resource you used during the planning process?
The best resource was
The Knot and friends
What's the one thing you would have done differently?
The one thing I would have done differently was hire a professional videographer...It wasn't in our budget and we had some family members record but I wish we had a professional.
Any advice for future brides?
Advice for future brides is stick to you gut, be nice to everyone helping you but honest. Keep things simple but true to what you want. Have fun this is an exciting time for you and you will never forget it. Stay organized and keep in mind your time frame. I know this is alot but that about sums it up!!
head table
Very true advice, Justine. Staying organized is SO key. I remember buying multiple wedding planning organizers and eventually scrapping them all for my own control-freak personalized binder; a place I could keep all my vendor contracts, style ideas and photo inspirations.

Photo courtesy of Tony Avila.

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