Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"I Do" Ideas: Bridal Hairstyles!

It used to be that most brides wore their hair all up in very prom-esque style 'dos. While that is still common, really ANYTHING goes these days! There are updos, but now there are down 'dos, half up/half down 'dos, and very relaxed 'dos. Flowers, headbands, feathers, tiaras, braids, the possibility are endless for showing your own personal style in your wedding day hair. Let's check out a few options...
A low, relaxed tucked-in ponytail with a flower...Perfect for a more casual look, excellent for a beach wedding!
A loose side braid...very casual, yet beautiful
A more elegant up do with a fun & fabulous feather...This is definitely a more formal look, with sass
A half up, casual style with carefully placed (but effortless looking) yellow flowers
Here we have a slicked back updo with a classic just-past-shoulder veil...Classic & beautiful
The mantilla veil, although a vintage look, is becoming very popular again. Vintage becomes modern
More of a formal looking half up/half down 'do with a "bump". I love the loose curls this bride has
A formal, tight, low bun with a birdcage veil. I love the look of these; one needs a certain poise to pull this off!
A very sleek, low ponytail. A ponytail, yes, but still very formal & elegant looking
More of a "messy" side 'do with a large barrette. Casual, but still brings a certain wow factor
A fancier low bun with a rhinestone headband and veil. I love that the headband is replacing the tiara...just personal opinion!
A very casual down 'do with two braids...I feel like this could be perfect for a casual outdoor backyard or beach wedding.
A "messy" updo with large curly tendrils...This look reminds me very much so of a Greek goddess
A very formal high bun with lower veil
A sleek and straight mostly-down 'do. Better for a more casual dress; or even for a bridesmaid 'do.
What I did for OUR WEDDING...
I decided to go with a half up/half down 'do with a side part in the front. The plan was to have all curls...
and that's what it looked like while I was still at the salon...
An hour or so later at my Mom's house...where are the curls?
Another hour later at the church, pin straight. Some people could have gotten really down with a hair "mishap" like this, but I was so happy that day; nothing could have gotten me down. Besides, the top held out perfectly so I was pretty happy.
What hairstyle did you wear for your wedding? What type of veil?
Future brides - how do you picture your hair for the big day?

Carrie Underwood was my hair inspiration...who's yours?

All inspiration pictures courtesy of The Knot. My pictures courtesy of Zenobia Photography Studios.