Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"I Do" Ideas: Bridesmaid's Bouquets!

For "I Do" Ideas, I thought we could look at Bridesmaid's Bouquets this week!

Bridesmaid bouquets can add color to your wedding palette as well as set a tone (classic/serious vs. modern/fun!). They can match the color of your bridesmaid dresses or even YOUR dress or they can be a completely different color. You really have LOTS of options. My only piece of advice would be to try to stick with flowers that are in season for the time of your wedding!

Here are a few samples for each season:

Daffodils, Lilacs, Tulips

Gerbera Daisies, Freesia, Hydrangeas

Dahlias, Marigold, Chrysanthemums

Star Gazer Lilies, Holly, Poinsettia

Flowers available year-round:
Carnations, Roses, Orchids

Now, onto some inspiration photos!

Here we have the bride carrying white, with her maids (in green) carrying green bouquets. This is a pretty common choice, but you do have to be careful that their flowers stand out enough/don't blend into the dresses.
These next two have chosen to create the bridesmaids bouquets in the same color scheme as the brides bouquet. Like the next two photos, a way to have the bride's bouquet stand out is to make it slightly lighter by adding a few white flowers.

Next, while the bride is still carrying white, the maids are carrying an array of fall colors. This is a great way to bring in your accent colors when your maids are in a neutral, like brown here.
Maids wearing a BRIGHT color? Having trouble picking flowers that will match (and not clash!)? An option is to have them carry white (or ivory, depending on your dress color of course)
Now, a few examples of the extreme contrast...i.e. introducing a new color into the your theme.
Here, the bridesmaids wore a beautifully vivid aqua and carried bright yellow flowers. (I love this by the way!)
In this wedding, with the maids in dark gray their orange flowers really popped!
Another option is to have the bridesmaids carry bouquets identical to the brides. Here, with the bridesmaids decked in different shades of pink, they, along with the bride, carried peonies in shades of pink and white.
A final option, keeping the same color scheme for all of the bouquets, but choosing different flowers. While the flowers in this next wedding were all orange, the bride carried roses while the maids carried daisies.

What season were you/are you getting married in? What did you do for bouquets?
Do you like when the bridesmaid bouquets match the bridal bouquet?

What we did for our late Summer/early Fall wedding...

I never saw a picture of exactly what I envisioned my bridesmaid's would carry, so it was more a process of me trying to describe what I wanted to my florist. What we wanted (and got!) was a mixture of hot pink, light pink, white and lime green flowers.
Here's a good closeup. There were roses, callas, dahlias and much more!
This picture shows the flowers "in action". I love how they didn't look identical to each other.
Another (subtle) way to have the bouquets stick out is to have the florist attach a silver letter charm to the base of each bouquet with the first letter of the bridesmaid's first name. I chose to do this and it certainly helped when the girls were trying to distinguish their bouquets!

All inspiration pictures courtesy of The Knot. My pictures courtesy of Zenobia Photography Studios and my maid of honor. The bouquets for my wedding were created by Flowerthyme.