Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"I Do" Ideas: Favors!

This week we're talking about wedding favors; you know, those gifts you give to your guests to thank them for coming to your wedding and sharing in your special day! The options are endless and I'd encourage you to get creative with your favors; there are no rules!

Here are a couple of ideas

Candy apples! Guaranteed to satisfy your guest's appetites after a night of dancing!
CD's! A fun way to bring in your personality to your favors. Put your favorite songs on there, romantic songs or special songs played at the wedding.
Candy Buffet! You can have so much fun with a candy buffet, and it can also serve as decor! Choosing candy in your wedding's colors is a fun way to add some color to the your reception room. Popcorn and cookie buffets are other options for this fun trend.Cookie Cutters! Such a "sweet" idea; I'm sure your guests will use these in the future!
Monogrammed Glasses! Your guests can get practical use out of these and think of you every time they quench their thirst!
Bottled Jam! Here they gave out peach-rum jam; something I'm sure their guests appreciated!
Plants! Plant small pots of herbs for your guests to bring home and plant in their gardens!
Photobooth! Have you ever been to a wedding with a photobooth? I guarantee you your guests will have an absolute blast playing in it! The way it usually works is they get a copy of their silly photos and you get a copy too; you'll love having the memories of the booth captured!
Donations! Making a donation to a charitable cause that is special to you and your fiance is another option for a favor. This bride & groom made a donation to an animal shelter. For this card that they gave to each guest, they dressed up their two Westie's in bride and groom costumes...
Matches! Who doesn't need matches at some point? Your guests will definitely find this favor useful.
Personalized Journals/Day Planners! I, personally, would love to get this at a January/February wedding when I'm looking to buy a new day planner anyway!
Christmas Ornaments! I love this idea for a December wedding! Your guests will enjoy featuring this special ornament on their trees year after year.
Personalized Soda! This is such a neat and unique idea. Love it.
T-shirts! Guests will never forget your big day with this hanging in their closet!

What did YOU do for favors? Or what do you plan to do? Please share; I'd love to hear, especially if it's something not listed here!

What we did for Our wedding...

We had a few "favors" for our guests. We had a very PINK candy buffet.
It was filled with pink candy canes, M&M's, candy corns, rock candy, wafers, Lindt chocolates, conversation hearts and much more!
We also did a photobooth! We brought props for our guests to "play" with in the booth including a tiara, large sunglasses, a clown nose, and a red feather boa!
Finally, we sent our guests home with CD's. My hubby is a DJ so music is very important to him and the CD's were his idea. We featured songs from the wedding (first dance, entrance songs, cake cutting song, etc.)

All inspiration pictures courtesy of The Knot. All my pictures courtesy of Zenobia Photography Studios.