Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"I Do" Ideas: Ceremony Decor

This week's topic is Ceremony Accessories and Decor! Whether your ceremony is inside or out, there are tons of things you can do to personalize the space and make it your own. Let's go through a few ideas...

Monogrammed aisle runner... You can have on it your names, monogram and/or wedding date
For outdoor weddings, if you know it's going to be hot out, you may want to supply your guests with some sun defense methods...
One idea is parasols:
Another option is fans:
Have a canine friend? How about letting them be your "Flower Dog"
Check out the impact these flowers make on this altar. Beautiful.
Having an outdoor wedding? Decorate your arch! This one is just beautiful with the flowers in multiple shades of pink.
These two large floral arrangements make this huppah completely stunning
Moss letters are a nice decoration for the outside of the doors at the ceremony location
Pew flowers are a fun way to decorate or to serve as a symbol of a reserved row
Rose petals down the aisle instantly add color to your ceremony location
You can get really fancy with your "Reserved" seating signs; or you can even make signs for every chair like this couple did:
A hand-painted wooden sign is a cute way to point guests in the direction of the ceremony site
Having a unity candle? Get fancy with it :)
Large floral arrangements, like these willows, add a wow factor for the guests when they enter
For exiting your ceremony, you may want to think of a fun way for your guests to participate in your sign-off. A few options are:
Sparklers: Ribbon wands:
or Bubbles:

What we did for our wedding...

We had a pink and green floral arrangement on the altar,
as well as pink bows on the pews. The 'reserved' pews for the family and bridal party were marked with flowers.
For our ceremony exit, we had bubbles for each guest. I made tags for each one that said:
"Love is in the Air
Jen & Jay
September 5, 2009"
All of the guests really got into the bubbles
Finally, our bubble exit:

All inspiration pictures courtesy of The Knot. All my pictures courtesy of Zenobia Photography Studios.