Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nuptial Trends: Signature Drinks!

Signature drinks are a fairly newer trend in the last few years that are popping up at cocktail hours everywhere! The neat thing about them is that you can pretty much match them to any color in your wedding! You can also come up with names for the drinks that rhyme with YOUR name or even poems. They serve as instant decor while also adding a personalized element to your cocktail hour.
A classic signature drink would be something like a martini; but really ANYTHING can be a "signature drink", even something sans alcohol. You could have mojitos, margaritas or mai tai's (oh my!).
You'll want to try to match the drink with your theme. For example, for a summer wedding, you'd want more of a fruity drink, like a watermelon martini or fresh-squeezed lemonade.

You also may want to match the drink to the color scheme of your wedding. It can bring your wedding colors into the space (coordinating well with your centerpieces & cocktail napkins).

If you need help figuring out which drinks are which colors, check out this site called: Stirrings
It is so neat. To find a drink in your color, click on the "Recipes" tab and a few menu boxes appear. You can pick the main ingredient (vodka, rum, etc) and a color (as well as the option to select occasion = wedding); then click submit. It gives you a list of potential drinks in your color!

Once you decide on your drink, it's fun to come up with a unique name for it. It can be a play on you and & your hubby's names or even your new last name. For example, The Martin's Martini.

Having a sign up near your signature drink will help your guests to be aware that it's there for them! You could have a poem with it or even the ingredients to the drink, if it's not a well-known one.

Have no idea what ingredients to put together?
Don't be afraid to discuss the idea with your caterer or venue staff; they will have ideas! Or do some research on your own... have a few friends over and do some guess and test :)

Did you do a signature drink for your wedding or do you plan on doing one? I'd love to hear your thoughts on them, ones you've seen at weddings or what you plan on doing for your own!

What we did for our wedding:
For our wedding, we had the reception venue serve Sea Breeze's at the cocktail hour. This is the sign I made; it read "Please enjoy a refreshing Sea Breeze! Love, The Newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Friese" (Remember what I said about rhyming? Haha)

And here it is set up during cocktail hour (looks a little red here, but trust me, they were pink!)

All inspiration pictures courtesy of The Knot. Picture from my reception courtesy of Zenobia Photography Studios.