Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Wedding Story: Gwen!

This week’s Wedding Story comes from Massachusetts native Gwen Goulet, who had a beautiful Fall wedding last year. Let's hear Gwen's story...

When did you get married?
We got married 9.12.2009


Kristin Greene of Simply Beautiful did all the makeup for Gwen’s big day.

Where was your ceremony? Reception?

We had both the ceremony and the reception at the beautiful Kirkbrae Country Club, Lincoln, RI.

head tab

What made you choose that reception location?
My husband and I are both active, outdoorsy people and we loved the beautiful view of the mountains that surround Kirkbrae. We also got a great vibe from all of the staff at Kirkbrae, and it doesn't hurt that their food is to die for!

On the top of Gwen’s wedding cake stood figurines fashioned after the night they got engaged. Gwen had been in a tutu and her hubby? Batman!


What was your favorite aspect of your wedding?
My favorite aspect of our wedding was that we were able to take time before the ceremony to take our pictures. The ceremony and the reception flew by so quickly so by doing pictures before, it gave us the opportunity to spend some time together having fun, letting loose and getting rid of the pre-wedding jitters! Later we were able to enjoy the entire reception with all of our friends and family without any interruptions.
bridal party

What was the best resource you used during the planning process?
The best resource I had while planning the wedding was the small group of girls that I met on the Rhode Island page at
The Knot. Some of the girls were planning their weddings at the same time while others had already gotten married so the advice and ideas were endless. I don't know where I would have been without them!

In front of her centerpieces, Gwen used baby pictures of her and her husband as their table numbers!center

table nums
What's the one thing you would have done differently?
Ask more questions and don't be afraid to ask for discounts, promotions and special pricing!placecards
Any advice for future brides?

Don't let the small things ruin the your sacred is too short to worry about things that you can't change! It poured rain our entire wedding day...even during pictures but we got some of the most beautiful pictures and still had an amazing time :)
Very true, Gwen; Love your positive outlook. Your wedding pictures are absolutely stunning; it's hard to believe that it was pouring that day!

Photo courtesy of Berry Photos.

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