Wednesday, December 15, 2010

“I do” Ideas: Holiday Themed Weddings!

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I love this time of year & I (obviously) love weddings; so what’s better than putting the two together?!? How do you pull this off without your wedding looking like a cheesy corporate holiday party? Let’s walk through it…

First off, the invitations will play a part in setting up your theme. You could choose a simple white and red themed invitation, don’t forget the ribbon!


Not opting for red? Check out these white & silver snowflake themed “Winter Wonderland” beauties from East Six


For bridesmaids, I like darker colors for this time of year. There’s always the classic black.

dark red2maids-black

Or any other array of darker shades or jewel tones. I love this dark red.

dark red4

For the ceremony, I love these white branches as décor for the Winter Wonderland theme.

decor-white branches

Onto the reception… There are lots of fun & unique place card options for the holiday theme.

While I do like this traditional white and red place card look with snowflakes in the background,


I love these next two ideas! Using pinecones as place cards,

placecard - pinecone

Or creating snowflake ornaments! You could have them hanging on branches for your guests to find!

placecard - snowflake

At the reception, you have a few color options in my opinion.

You can stick with the classic deep red theme.

Work it into your tables and linens,

dark red5image

Centerpieces & décor,

centerpiece-bright redimage

as well as your cake!

dark red3image

Another festive option is metallics; gold or silver.



I love how these centerpiece are both made up of many different parts but don’t look too cluttered.

centerpiece-gold image

And, of course, silver or gold cakes.


Finally, you could stick with the Winter Wonderland theme & use whites, with touches of blue or purple.

winter themeimage

I love the little touches of snowflakes here…



And at the end of the night… Favors of course!

I LOVE the idea of ornaments that your guests can put up each year and remember your special day by.

favor - ornamentfavor - ornament2

Another idea? Edible favors! I love these little snowmen & gingerbread man cookies!

favor - gingerbread cookiexfavor - snowman cookie

Staying in the holiday spirit, I found these shiny silver bells that were handed out as favors with ribbon tied around them.

favor - bell

Finally, what better gift to your guests at the end of the year than a planner for the following year?! LOVE this idea!

Favor - planner

Did you have a holiday wedding (or do you dream on having one)? I’d love to hear your ideas!

All images from The Knot, unless otherwise noted.