Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nuptial Trends: Candy Buffet!

This week we'll be looking at Candy Buffets! How do you make a candy buffet? Where do you get that much candy? How much should you get? Don't worry; the answers to all of these questions (and more!) coming up!

How early can you buy candy?
Depending on when your wedding is, you may want to utilize some post-holiday sales to stock up on candy for your buffet. For example, you can get red or pink candy after Valentine's Day, red or green candy after Christmas, pastel colors after Easter and pretty much any color candy after Halloween.
For tips on what types of candy you can buy when, visit this website: We've Got The Scoop! to find out the shelf lives of most candies.

How much candy should you buy?
From what I gather, there is not necessarily a "rule" on how much to buy (Although I have heard both 1/4 lb per guest and 1/2 lb per guest) You have to think about the types of bags or containers that the guests will be using. Whether they plan to eat it all or not, they will probably fill the bag at least half way full, if not more. One thought is to take one of the bags you plan on using to a candy store, fill it up with the types of candies you plan on using in your buffet and then multiply that poundage by the number of guests you'll be having. To me, it was more important that the display look ample and full; so of course, I ended up over-buying. Let's just say we ate pink rock candy for dinner for the next few weeks.

How can you make the display look fuller/better without over-buying?
If you're having a smaller wedding or a larger candy buffet table (or a combination of both!), you don't want to over-buy candy just to make the display look better. One way to make a display look fuller is to add non-candy elements, like flowers, cupcakes, cookies or signage.

Cupcakes (and flowers!)
"Candy Buffet" sign
Where do you buy glass containers to hold the candy?
A few ideas for where to get some different-shaped glass containers: Michael's, JoAnn Fabrics (for either of those options, be sure to look for their weekly 40% off one item coupons), Christmas Tree Shop, HomeGoods, Pier1 Imports; and I'm sure there are more; keep your eye out!

Where do you get a bunch of candy in ONE color?
A few places on the web that sell bulk candy (by color) are Metro Candy, Candy Direct and Candy Warehouse. You can also check out local candy stores and for any Rhode Island brides, there is Candy Land Warehouse in Warwick.

Did YOU have a candy buffet? I'd love to see pictures, hear how you approached it or any tips you may have!

What we did for our wedding... We had a very pink candy buffet!

I got the majority of my jars from Michaels & the Christmas Tree Shop, the candy from MANY different places and the bags (in 2 shades of pink) also from Michaels. I made stickers for each bag that had our monogram and wedding date on them.

Our buffet was filled with candy canes, M&M's, candy corns, rock candy, wafers, Lindt chocolates, conversation hearts, sugar-free hard candy, hershey kisses, gummy worms, cinnamon candies and probably even more that I'm forgetting!

All inspiration pictures courtesy of The Knot. All my pictures courtesy of Zenobia Photography Studios.