Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nuptial Trends: Wow Factor!

Want your guests to walk away from your wedding thinking "That wedding was SO much fun" and "I will NEVER forget that wedding!"? Don't we all want that?! Here are some ideas I've seen around lately that would definitely leave an impression on guests!
Here we go...

Unique Favors

Long ago are the days of small chocolate candies in tied bags. These days, anything goes! From customized T-shirts to monogrammed glasses, the ideas are endless. [Check out my post about favors a few months back.] Adrienne M., married in October of last year, treated her guests to candy apples as favors and her guests LOVED them!

Photo courtesy of Bharat Parmar Photography

Personalized Groom's Cake

Surprise your groom (and your guests) with a not-so-traditional cake. Heather M., married last June, blew her guests away with a frightening treat at her rehearsal dinner!
"I surprised my husband with this grooms cake. He's loves fishing, especially in shark tournaments so it was perfect. The inside was red velvet so it appeared to be the inside of the shark."
Cake courtesy of Shemry of Corby's Cakes and Cookies

A Surprise Video or A Choreographed Dance

Slideshows of only your baby photos are a thing of the past. These days couples are thinking outside of the box and expanding on these ideas! Cara C., (remember her?) married last July, tells us what she did.
"We filmed our "love story" a few months prior to the wedding. We had our DJ play the video right before we were introduced into the reception. No one knew about it, so it was fun to peek through the doors and watch everyone's reaction. It included a slide show of Rick and I as children and then went into interviews with us about how we met, when we knew we wanted to get married, how he proposed, etc... Almost everyone told us afterward how awesome it was, or they couldn't stop crying, or they never heard our proposal story, or how it was evident how much Rick and I were alike, or how they never saw that side of me before. It definitely let an impression on people and I'm so happy we did it. And now we also have a nice keepsake from the wedding."

We also showed a surprise video at our wedding but with a different twist. We taped music videos "singing" funny yet appropriate songs to each other (i.e. my husband sang "Jenny 867-5309" to me in his video!) Here are pictures of the video playing, along with my Mom's classic reaction. We STILL hear about this video from our guests!
Photo courtesy of Zenobia Photography Studios

A Surprise Snack!

Jennifer R., married at Roger Williams Park Casino last October, tells us how she provided a non-traditional post-church treat.
"We had an ice cream truck. It pulled up outside the church just as the ceremony was letting out. The idea was, to occupy the guests while we all snuck off for photos. Except we were too excited that we were MARRIED and all our guests were here with us....that we stuck around and hung out. :-) People still talk about it. It was pretty cheap, too."

Photos courtesy of Melissa Robotti

Electrifying Uplighting

A great way to make a fun impression on your guests as soon as they walk in the door! Melinda M., married at Belle Mer last July (you remember her sunny yellow wedding from last week!), tells us how about her bright lights.
"I had uplighting. My husband had no idea, to him it was a surprise."
Photo courtesy of Rupert Whiteley

We also did uplighting @ our wedding:
Photo courtesy of Zenobia Photography Studios

Let them Eat!

Alicia D., married at the Towers last August (remember her fabulous feather wedding?) tells us about the post-dinner snacks they offered.
"We had a popcorn buffet at the end of the night with all different kinds of flavored popcorn (ie. chocolate, caramel, sour cream and onion, etc). We put out little popcorn boxes that said "He POPPED the question... and now they are married". It was a nice sweet and salty surprise treat towards the end of the night."

Photo courtesy of Kristin Spencer Photography

Angie M., who got married last July, had a dessert room at her wedding. Her guests commented that "the room was amazing" and they had wished they had known about it because they wouldn't have eaten dinner!
Samantha R., married in Illinois last June, had a different kind of buffet at her wedding...a candy buffet! To stick with the theme of her wedding, the candy was all shades of pink.
"I did the candy buffet..and it was a ginormous one. People still were mentioning it to me when I was in Illinois last week… it's still just the coolest thing ever."

We also did a candy buffet @ our wedding:
Photo courtesy of Zenobia Photography Studios

A Fabulously Fun Photobooth!

Tana M., married at the Crowne Plaza last May, shares a funny anecdote about her photobooth.
"Our photobooth was most likely the highlight of the wedding. Our guests had such a good time with the basket of props... including the banquet servers who clearly weren't aware that we received a copy of all of the images."

Photo courtesy of RI Photobooths

We also had a photobooth full of props at our wedding:
Photo courtesy of NE Photobooth

A Head-turning Entrance

Start your reception off right with a fun introduction! Becky S., married last September, explains their meaningful intro.
"We ran through a banner. We had our DJ mix 2 songs together. Thunder Struck and Crazy Train. Those are both songs that are played at Patriots games. Since we confessed our love for one another during a Patriots game we thought it would be fitting to have that incorporated into our wedding."

Holly (remember her beautiful wedding?), married last October @ the Biltmore, also did a banner run!
Photo courtesy of Melissa Robotti

What about you? Did you do any of these ideas or any other unique things that added to your wow factor? I'd love to hear about them!