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Nuptial Trends: Garden Theme!

This week, I thought we could look at how to pull off a Garden Themed wedding. I have never been to one of these weddings but I imagine they’d be beautiful, romantic and well, pretty green. This topic came from a friend who’s helping her sister plan a Garden Theme wedding for next July in Long Island; I’m always open to ideas so if you ever have one you’d like to see, feel free to let me know!

First off, I imagine these garden weddings would have to be outside. Possible backdrops for the ceremony are well, gardens for one, or even just trees or a lake.

garden theme (2) garden theme (3)

For outdoor weddings, I love cute little signs pointing the guests in the right direction. You can do a fancier printed sign in your color scheme or even write with some chalk on a piece of wood.

garden theme (4) garden theme (5)

Another way to point guests in the right direction is lining up a row of lanterns. “Follow the yellow brick…lantern.”

garden theme (9)

Another ceremony decor option is hanging up moss letters with your initials. The more you do that incorporates nature and flowers, the more this theme will show.

garden theme (6)

For the aisle, I like the idea of hanging flowers or potted plants adorning the pews.

garden theme (7) garden theme (8)

A ribbon-decorated basket filled with ceremony programs is another way to bring in any accent colors you may be using.

garden theme (12)

Having an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer? Protect your guests from the heat! Options include:

Fans at each chair,

garden theme (11)

parasols in a basket,

garden theme (14)

and refreshments! If you don’t have a catering staff available to serve lemonade as your guests arrive, a bucket of ice and bottled waters will also do the trick!

garden theme (16) garden theme (15)

For your flower girl and ring bearer, make sure their baskets are adorned with an abundance of flowers and moss.

garden theme (17) garden theme (18)

For the bride, a more casual dress would work best; as opposed to a beaded ball gown. I love the idea of a floral pattern, like this one from J. Crew.


Whether you choose an updo or not, I think a flower in the bride’s hair is a nice touch to the garden theme.

garden theme (19) garden theme (21)

Speaking of flowers, bouquets should showcase lots of greens!

garden theme (22) garden theme (23)

Also, incorporate your accent color into the flowers. Here we have pops of pink and purple.

garden theme (24) garden theme (25)

For the bridesmaids, I chose to focus on different green options but really I think you could make any color work. Well, maybe not black. I’m having trouble envisioning a black garden themed wedding, but it does not mean it’s impossible! It’s YOUR day; anything goes.

For a fun vibe, I love this almost muted lime green color, very bright. For a slightly more formal look, I like this lace halter option, very romantic.

garden theme (26) garden theme (27)

One way to have your MOH stand out is to have her in a longer dress like these girls in the light sage green. Another friendly and fun option? Have your girls pick their own dress to flatter their body types; or in the case to the right, in different shades!

garden theme (28) garden theme (29)

A neat way to incorporate the theme into your pictures is to use props! Posing in front of trees and carrying parasols make for fun pictures to remember your day by.

garden theme (30) garden theme (31)

Onto the reception…

For place cards, I love the casualness of these green cards hanging on the “clothesline”. Another option, using apples! Fruit is a fitting nod to your garden theme.

garden theme (32) garden theme (33)

Other ideas are to use floral-patterned place cards or tack them to a sheet of moss.

garden theme (35) garden theme (36)

I love the way this gold (probably spray painted) birdcage is used here to hold cards.

garden theme (37)

Another way to use birdcages (or even lanterns) are to have them as part of your centerpieces, along with candles, flowers or even fruit.

garden theme (43) garden theme (44)

Other centerpiece options would be large displays of flowers, the more greenery the better. (Bird nest optional)

garden theme (41) garden theme (42)

For table numbers, I found this bird and nest one that screams garden/nature, but for a more subtle look, a simple green floral pattern works well.

garden theme (45) garden theme (39)

For cakes, I found so many options that had me think “That’d be perfect!” One of my favorite looks would be a relatively simple cake with a few LARGE flowers adorning it.

garden theme (46) garden theme (49)

Another option is a cake decorated with MANY tiny flowers; either in white or an accent color.

garden theme (47) garden theme (48)

A simpler cake would be an all white one with fresh cut flowers along the base and/or on the top. And of course, we can’t leave out the bird nest option…

garden theme (51) garden theme (52)

Another way to tie in the theme is through your signature drink. You could make it green, or other accent color, or even tie in nature like this one, called “Apple of My Eye”.

garden theme (55)

Finally, for favors, I found these throw blankets. What better way to send your guests off from your garden themed wedding than with a blanket they can use for their next picnic?

garden theme (56)

Have you ever been to a garden themed wedding? I’d love to hear about it!

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